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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 7, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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a question of jobs. more data points to a struggling economy as the mid terms approach. the supremes, elena kagan set to be sworn in today as the next high court justice. and a final fix. bp looking toward the final steps to permanently seal the blown out well in the gulf of mexico. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. let's get to breaking news coming in to us out of afghanistan. ten members of a medical team including six americans have been found shot to death. it happened in a remote part of the country. joining me from kabul is our reporter. let's get an update. anything new? >> reporter: alex, as i've said before, we're still trying to wait for that confirmation. you can see the weather behind me. up north we're also hearing bad clouds, bad rain. it could take a while for the bodies to be brought back to kabul. but what we know so far, everything seems to indicate it was this group, this medical
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team from the international assistance mission, iam. they were delivering aid particularly eye care to the province where people, it's very hard for them to get to clinics. they were trying to make their way back. we heard comments from the director of iam here in kabul, here's what he had to say. >> we had daily contact with them through satellite phones. and the last time we had contact with the team leader, mr. tom, that was on wednesday evening. and we think it might have happened on -- if it is our team, it might have happened on thursday. >> reporter: he reports exactly what happened, local police in the area, i've spoken to a survivor said that they were stopped by people, by armed group lined up and shot one by one. the taliban has taken responsibility saying that they did in fact kill this group. they claim they found both documents and bibles which prove that this group was spying and was were missionaries trying to
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spread christianity. the director of iam has denied that saying they've been working here since 1966, that they're known -- that they're a christian organization. but the work they do is not missionary work. the work they do is medical. so i've also spoken to people here in the kabul community who know some of the people. this is a well-publicized trip. there were fundraisers. i got an e-mail about it before they left for the trip. even though we're still waiting for confirmation and waiting for the bodies to get back before we can have official confirmation, it's already really striking the community here in kabul. >> you can bet. you know, this driver from whom all this information is coming, how did he manage to escape? >> reporter: what he has told the police chief in the province is that he started reciting verses from the koran and saying he was muslim and parentally they took pitty on him. now we don't know exactly how that may have worked. there were two afghans in the
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group also killed. so we're not exactly sure what happened. but that's what's been relaid to us. >> horrible story. thank you. solicitor general elena kagan will become a supreme court justice this afternoon, four hours from now. chief justice john roberts will preside over the swearing in ceremony at 2:00 p.m. pete williams is joining me live. let's get a look ahead at what we're going to see from you. the interesting part, there are two separate oaths administered today, right? >> reporter: that's true. it takes only one oath of office to become president of the united states. but it takes two to be a member of the supreme court or indeed any other federal judge. all officials take a constitutional oath like the president did. but judges also take a judicial oath in which they pledge to administer justice fairly without regard to the rich or poor. and that's the one that we will see on television. the supreme court is allowing a camera into the supreme court's west conference room where the swearing in will be. this is an unusual procedure
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because for 70 years or so, supreme court justices have been sworn in at the white house. but they started this last year with sonia sotomayor. they liked the symbolism of it. on friday mr. obama celebrated with elena kagan at the white house at a reception. he referred to something that she said during her come firm ma confirmation hearing. >> christmas day, where were you at christmas day? >> i'm assuming the question you mean is whether a person who is apprehended in the united states is -- >> no, i just ask you where you were at on christmas. >> you know, like all jews, i was probably at a chinese restaurant. >> after more than 81 one-on-one meetings and 17 hours of testimony, i'd say that the senate got a pretty good look at elena kagan.
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they got a good sense of her judicial philosophy, her commitment to the rule of law, her rich understanding of our constitution and, of course, where she can be found on christmas day. >> i also very much enjoyed meeting with 83 senators. but really, who's counting? and enjoyed learning more about their concerns, their interests, and their deep commitments to public service. >> the president said he relishes having three women now on the supreme court saying so as a father who wants what he called limitless possibilities for his daughters. and as an american proud that the court will be more inclusive. so starting to day, justice kagan can begin formally preparing for the supreme court term that begins the first monday in october. she's not going to have much of an august vacation.
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these thousands of briefs wait for her. so she's got to work. >> you know what? i'm thinking the american public, even you, pete williams, the justice correspondent, you're going to love her humor, her charm, if you will, while covering her. i wonder if she'll bring that into the court? >> reporter: yes, between her and scalia, it will be a laugh fest in the supreme court room. >> that is so not going to happen. you're just kidding. thank you so much. you can all watch the swearing in ceremony live at 2:00 p.m. eastern today right here on msnbc saturday. bp is sealing off the blown out well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. at the same time, the company is leaving open the possibility to some day drill a new path into the very same undersea reservoir of oil. let's get the details now from charles hadlock who is live for us in new orleans this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> let's get to this bottom kill procedure that would essentially
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plug up the well that's been busted for good. what's the latest? >> reporter: they did the static kill this week that they poured thousands of pounds of heavy mud into the top of the blow out preventer and sealed it with cement. that effectively killed the well. but to be sure, the coast guard wants bp to perform the bottom kill. that basically is the same procedure except that the bottom of the well, 13,000 feet below the floor of the gulf of mexico. the relief well is now within about 30 feet of the crippled well. they will enter that well casing perhaps as early as thursday and begin pumping mud and cement into the bottom of the well. that is the sure fire way to kill this well. alex? >> charles, can we focus on the good news for the seafood industry? it looks like they've been given the all clear. >> reporter: the administration seafood inspection program, the
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laboratory in mississippi, i was there this week as they brought in more fish and more shrimp to be tested. and throughout this whole ordeal they have found no evidence of oil in any of the species they brought in. so that's very good news indeed. but the restrictions still remain out in the gulf of mexico. you can't go fishing out there yet in the federal waters. but the administrators there say that slowly they will begin to open up more areas, perhaps as early as september. fishermen will be back out in the waters of the gulf of mexico catching more fish. >> okay. charles hadlock, thank you for that update. new yorkers getting relief from the summer heat wave this morning. temperatures are expected to stay in the low 80s today. the entire northeast will be the envy of the country. cooler weather settles up into new england. so for the latest on the national forecast, let's go to bill karins. good morning, bill. good saturday morning to you, alex. we're continuing to watch tropical storm collin. it has come and gone.
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right now it looks like it's going. it doesn't look impressive on the satellite. you can see it south of bermuda. hasn't moved much overnight. a very weak and unorganized system. hurricane center thinks it's going to move over bermuda as we go throughout the night tonight into tomorrow morning. in bermuda, they get squally weather and larger waves. this isn't going to cause any damage. even the people in bermuda are not going to make a big deal about this storm. maybe a few waves on the east coast in the outer banks for the surfers. that will be about it. there is really little impact from this system. the bigger story is the heat. we're getting a little break from the heat. the great lakes through areas of new england, it is just a fantastic saturday morning out there. low humidity. we go throughout the next seven days, the hot spot is going to continue to be the dallas area. 100-degree heat this weekend right into the middle of next week. there is not much relief there. the heat is going to expand. enjoy today if you can from chicago to kansas city to st. louis. the heat is only going to build. the humidity, also. today's forecast also features
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thunderstorms in florida. by the time we get to sunday, the heat begins to expand. look at kansas city in the mid to upper 90s. overall, it's a quiet weekend. we like to keep the tropical systems away from us. back to you. fierce wildfires sweep through russia. the heavy smoke is adding to the worst pollution of recent memory. it's triggering major health concerns. also, the first lady in spain. michelle obama is taking personal time overseas. that is sparking debate here at home. we'll take a look. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life.
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new pictures to share with you this morning of michelle obama as she continues her european vacation with first daughter sasha today. this video is from southern spain. earnest hemingway lived in this
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town for a time. he wrote about the beauty and bullfighting traditions. but the pictures year seeing here only tell part of the tale. the obamas are taking flack for vacationing on the coast of spain as american resorts on the gulf coast continue to struggle with the fallout from the oil disaster. norah o'donnell is live for us at the white house. i understand this criticism came as a bit of a surprise. >> reporter: absolutely. i mean advisors to mrs. obama did not anticipate all this attention and criticism that the first lady is getting over this trip. they insist that mrs. obama will pay for her own personal expenses. but the cost of her traveling staff and the security detail will be born by the american taxpayers. spanish police cleared off a 100-yard-long stretch of beach for mrs. obama and sasha. it's part of the massive security surrounding the obama's vacation to the luxurious hot
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spot in spain. this was supposed to be a fun get away with sight seeing, shopping and sampling the local foods. but some are raising questions about who is footing the bill for her five-day visit. >> mrs. obama picks up all the personal costs. it doesn't cover the whole tab. >> reporter: a tabitha includes the air force version of a 757. the air force says it costs $11,551 an hour for a 6 1/2 hour trip, the cost to taxpayers, $150,163. also on the bill, the estimated 70 secret service agents who get a $273 per day pay. at five days, cost to taxpayers, $95,550. the first lady and her guests will pay their own way at the posh retreat. >> so we understand they booked 30 rooms, suites go up to $6500
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a night. >> reporter: it is an expensive international trip. just a month after mrs. obama urged americans to visit the beaches of the gulf coast. >> everybody should come here. >> reporter: the white house says this was a mother-daughter trip with family and friends planned a long time ago. >> she's a private citizen and is the mother of a daughter on a private trip. i think i have to leave it at that. >> i find it absolutely ridiculous to talk about the first lady as a private citizen. she's not a private citizen. she's the first lady of the united states. >> reporter: mrs. obama does not have a choice in the size of her security detail or the size of the plane that she had to take to europe. but some will be asking whether mrs. obama did have a choice in where she chose to vacation. alex?
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>> you know, another question i thought about was the security detail. you know, 70-some-odd secret service guys. do they all travel with her are there some on advance teams? she has to have a big plane for that. >> there are. that's one of the things not included in this. it's not just the 757 which is sometimes known as air force two because it carries the vice president of the united states, but there are support planes that have to be flown over with the additional personnel and secret service agents and military aircraft which bring over the armored vehicles that mrs. obama travels around in. she's had a 13 to 15-car convoy that has transported her and the president's daughter around spain. so there are additional support planes that do usually accompany the president or the first lady in this case. it's difficult to know. that stuff is kept secret for security reasons. you ask about the size of that, 70, wow, seems like so many agents. remember, they have to work in shifts. and that's, again, as the first lady's office and the white
10:18 am
house pointed out to me, that's not the choice of mrs. obama or the east wing. the secret service makes those determinatio determinations. >> absolutely. there should be no skimping on security, that's for sure. all this ruckus over the first lady's trip comes on the heels of another costly event and that is chelsea clinton's lavish wedding with estimates running into the millions. though that has been scoffed by some. so the criticism justified? is it simply out of bounds? pat buchanan and political analyst joins me along with karen finney. so good morning to you. you guys talk about this criticism. is this well deserved? i ask that question in the temperament of 15 million americans being out of work and looking at the haves and have notes. >> well, i don't think bill clinton, that's his daughter's wedding. he footed most of the bill there, the cake and all the other things. i don't think anybody is going to fault bill clinton and mrs. clinton for doing that for their daughter.
10:19 am
but this scene in spain, these folks are clueless. good heavens. you have 15 million unemployed, 10 million underemployed. you have that disaster in the gulf. and to take this gigantic entourage at the expense of the taxpayers to spain where the jet set vacations, i think the pictures are disastrous for the administration and with due respect to robert gibbs, look, she is not a private citizen when you take that huge compliment of government planes and government agents to travel with her. >> yeah. i want to get your take on michelle obama's trip. i think we all agree that chelsea clinton's wedding is her wedding and her parents paid for. that end of subject on that. i want to say i'm a mom. i like to teach my kids about things and put them in historical perspective. as much as can you learn about u.s. history hands on, there's european history and other things. is michelle obama trying to be a mom here more than a first lady?
10:20 am
>> i mean here's the thing. i worked for secretary clinton when she was the first lady for four years in the white house. and we did confront these kinds of challenges. it's hard. you know, on the one hand as parents, you want to give your children the kinds of experiences that you would if you weren't in public life. and, yet, you are, you know, sort of under no false sum that is you're in public life. that means you don't always get to do what you want. so, yeah, seems to me that this is probably one of those cases. timing is not so great. i'll admit that. you know, again, mrs. obama wanted to take her daughter on a trip to spain. you know, if they can afford to do so, you know, that's a wonderful thing to share with your daughter. but i agree with pat. the optics are not great. i was surprised to hear in nora's piece that they were surprised. we expected them to be prepared for some degree of criticism. one of the other things i say in terms of the cost of the security contingent and what
10:21 am
have you, no matter where she went that would be the case. if she went to florida for a week, you'd still -- we would still be paying, you know, some of those additional expenses. so i think where she went in terms of the cost is probably less of the issue. >> and, you see, cost -- go ahead. >> alex, i think, you know, we have this charlie rangel case. he's a well-liked guy in town. people have been talking about on our network and elsewhere is this sense of entitlement of people in power that they can do all these things that normal people can't do. and now that the times are so difficult, people are upset as they can be about government spending and debt. they're cutting back themselves. these pictures are disastrous for the political class generally. >> i -- look, i understand why some people would be upset about it. all i'm suggesting is that there is a perspective here that as a parent, you know, particularly someone in such a high profile position, you want to be able to do things for your children.
10:22 am
there are a lot of things these kids can't do. >> take your kid to spain and take 70 secret service people and five airplanes? >> you know what, pat? the reality is sometimes as you know very well having worked in the administration, when you're actually out of the country, you're actually able to have a little bit more freedom in some ways, particularly through the first lady and the daughter than you could in some american cities. that's just good for your kids. >> it's good if can you get the secret service to clear 100 yards of beach so can you go in the water. >> those decisions are not actually always made by the secret service. sometimes the host country will actually dictate that based on their comfort level. >> can i ask you having worked in the former first lady's office there with now secretary clinton, if a first lady decides to change plans last minute, let's say they did get a whiff of, you know, this may not be great timing with the economy where it is and let's change plans. how difficult is that to do when you have this, you know, ball in motion, security, commitments,
10:23 am
publicly otherwise over in spain? how do you do that? >> it's a little tricky. obviously it is a fairly large group. and one of the things i was aware of is i believe michelle and her daughter were going to visit the king and queen of spain on, you know, sort of not an official visit but obviously that is the thing if you were going to cancel that, becomes a little bit tricky. it's not impossible. it certainly doable. >> you know, alex, look. president obama, something happened in the gulf and some other thing. he canceled a trip to indonesia where he grew up just like that. that's a major decision for a president. but you're able to do those things and make those decisions. they can move very, very quickly. >> they can. pat, i don't see how michelle obama and her daughter going to spain, that is not going to harm our ability in this country to create jobs. and that's what the president is focused on. that's what we should be focused on. >> listen, guys -- >> we're going to let that all
10:24 am
be the last word. we were supposed to talk more about the economy. i promised our viewers. we'll do that later in the next hour and a half. kids, thanks so much. good to see you. pat, safe travels down to the shore. >> thank you, kid. there's nothing funny about divorce. but now a pair of happily married comedians are offering their take on how to keep a marriage together and full of laughs. keller graduate school of management, you'll have a professor with you every step of the way. whether you take classes on campus, online, or both, you get the same attention, the same curriculum, and the same quality. 85 locations nationwide and online. discover how to grow the business of you... at discover how to grow the business of you... waking up with morning pain can drain the energy right out of you. fight it with new... it combines extra strength bayer aspirin to treat pain plus an alertness aid to help you get off to a running start. try bayer am
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request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. two happilied with comedians are serious about protecting your marriage with a divorce rate in america around 50%, jason jones and samantha bee write about divorce proofing your marriage. here's one of the suggestions. if you're irritated by your partner, imagine him as a small child. while your partner is puttering around and looking idle, imagine him at age five. it's easy to forget how apeeling your spouse is when you're looking through the prism of chores he has yet to accomplish. a psychologist joins me now. this makes me laugh.
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it's all about him. >> it's about seeing him with new eyes, a different perspective on him, seeing him as an innocent instead of that guy who is constantly blah, blah, blah and do this or that. >> how hard is it to change your perspective? when you're in the middle of the issues or ruts or whatever? >> it is difficult. that's why sometimes you have to take a step away and catch your breath and look at that person with the love that you have for them at the beginning of the relationship before you even got married. >> you talk about step away. do you mean step away together or step away alone? >> that's a great point. stepping away together. this comedian couple talk about stepping away alone and giving yourself some freedom from one another which is good. you need to be an independent person even though you're in a partnership. i really believe in stepping away together, maybe a trip to atlantic city, doing something that is an adventure, that's
10:29 am
different from the day to day of what you do. you need those love interlewds together. >> you mean stepping away, like if you're fighting, take the fight outside and walk together. >> absolutely. >> how does that work? >> i think that's great. a lot of times it's the environment itself that causes the stress such as being there with a lot of kids or being cooped up in an apartment or home. so go out and take a walk together if you have to. because then that changes the environment. the breath of fresh air, a new perspective on whatever the situation is. >> i want to bring up intimacy. how often is the lack of intimacy a predictor that this marriage is in trouble? >> it means that people have stopped communicating. you communicate verbally but intimacy is not just about sex. it's also about touching one another, saying nice things to one another, giving a kiss hello or good-bye. all of those things are important and help maintain a
10:30 am
marriage. once those things stop, it tells me that folks are really angry with one another and they're feeling very, very turned off. and that's a sure sign that marriage may be headed towards the dumpster. >> always valuable insights from you. thank you. >> thank you. a baby sea otter has a new home in the big city after being found orphaned in alaska. the pup arrived in new york city yesterday where he is now being treated by wildlife officials. once that adorable animal gains strength, he'll take his place and play with the other otters at the city's aquarium.
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in russia, heavy smoke and smog from ragy wildfires got so bad that many people are forced to wear masks.
10:34 am
that includes nbc's jim maceda who is in moscow for more with us. jim, this is creating pretty serious problems. let's get a look at how things are with you today. it does not look good. >> reporter: no. it doesn't look good. it may look a little more dramatic than it really s these people are really coping with a disastrous situation. i'm standing right next to part of the moscow river. we're about three or four miles from central moscow. the kremlin, white house, et cetera. people come here normally by the droves on a saturday afternoon. by now they'd be feeling no pain, if you will. they'd be picnicking, rowing in their boats. we haven't -- we've been here all afternoon and haven't seen anyone. we befriended a family of ducks, that's about it. the reason for that is because russians, it seems, are taking the warning seriously that they should stay at home. and if they do go out, only go out with these masks. the problem is they sold out about a week ago when this initial wave, initial cloud
10:35 am
began to hover over moscow. so since then, there has been a general alert to stay inside. we understand that today the level of the safety of the air that we're breathing here is six times, 600% higher than what it should be when it's safe. many officers and schools closed yesterday, alex. people thinking this would lift over the weekend. and they've had a long weekend to stay inside. but now the forecasters say this is not going to lift until probably tuesday or wednesday. still, we did want to cross a number of russians on the way out here. walking in the streets, they weren't wearing masks. they're sucking it up and trying to enjoy themselves as much as possible. the friends and families of the 52 who have died as a result of this crisis certainly they're not having fun at all today. >> yeah. jim, very quickly, any updates
10:36 am
on the status of the wildfires? >> reporter: yes. the wildfires have pretty much -- in terms of the numbers, still burning have plateaued out. it is 500 or 600. the problem is that these are -- they haven't changed in numbers because the firefighters are putting out 100 or 200 a day but there are 100 or 200 new ones popping up a day. the reason for that is because of this peat in the soil every day. it is very toxic and it's like charcoal in a barbecue, if you will. this peat could be burning for weeks or months, we're told. >> i can't imagine that. no one wants to imagine that. thank you for bringing it up. police in scotland are investigating what they call the suspicious deaths of three children from the same american family. the father of those children is now come forward with a statement and the mother is now charged in this horrific case.
10:37 am
nbc's kiran simmons is live. this is such a tragic story. what are police saying about what happened to these three little kids? >> reporter: good morning. detectives are saying the children died in suspicious circumstances. their own mother at the center of the investigation. one friend describes her as a loving mom. the same friends are asking, how did it come to this? thousands of miles from home, how did this doting mother find herself so far from hope and so desperate? for this morning she is charged with murdering her own children. two 8-year-old twins, austin and luke, and their 5-year-old sister. the mother, originally from california, lept from the balcony of her home in scotland. neighbors had thought there had been a gas explosion in the apartment. >> i heard the banging and then i heard the fire engines. >> i came out and it was ambulances arriving.
10:38 am
>> reporter: but last night detectives arrested teresa riggi as she lay in her hospital bed. scottish newspaper claims the children had been stabbed. three young children who had lived here in aberdeen with their parents but were at the center of a bitter divorce between teresa riggi and her husband. she failed to appear at a court hearing on july 4th. it's emerged police visited her and the children just a day before thursday's shocking discovery. >> we called the address. we spoke to the mother of the children. and the children themselves. at that time, they were safe and well. >> reporter: the children's grandparents still live in colorado. pasqual riggi grew up here. >> total shock. total shock. you know? can't believe it happened. >> reporter: back in scotland, one friend says little cecilia was excitedly handing out
10:39 am
invitations for her sixth birthday party. it was just a few weeks away. and then in the statement today, the children's father says our family is struggling to come to terms with the immense and tragic loss of three beautiful children. just absolutely heartbreaking, alex. >> heartbreaking, horrific. there is just no words to describe it. we thank you for bringing thus story. thank you. astronauts from the international space station are now over three hours into a dangerous but crucial space walk. they're replacing a failed cooling pump used to regulate the electronic equipment. let's get to our specialist f you have to keep the equipment on that space station up and running properly, let's get to this, jay. they've been out there how long now? a couple three hours? >> reporter: yes. they just passed -- three hours and 15 minutes. but they have gotten everything done except what they call the quick disconnect. now what this means is that they
10:40 am
will disconnect these ammonia lines. they're under pressure. they're hoping that the connection hole if some of this ammonia should spray on to their space suits, then they'll have to spend a lot of time out there getting it off, making sure it's evaporated. so they cannot bring any of this toxic stuff back into the space station itself. so this is the crucial part here at the half way point of the space walk coming up. alex? >> okay. and, jay, we've speculated maybe seven hours. as you say, we're approaching the half way point. how long could they potentially stay outside? is that the maximum if you have to deal with any problems? >> reporter: no. they have stayed out as long as eight hours before. but here they want to make sure they finish up and stop in time in case they do have to spend some time out to get any ammonia off their suits that they may have picked up. so that's planned in the space walk.
10:41 am
>> so this could wrap up much more quickly than expected, right? >> reporter: i think it will go the seven hours. i think they'll stop working and have plenty of time to double check and make sure this ammonia, none of it is on there. so during this quick connect, when they take these ammonia lines under pressure off of this pump, if none of it leaks, they're home free for a day. >> all right. i was pushing for an early lunch break for you. i guess not. you're on the job. thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. we're going to california. governor arnold schwarzenegger is asking for gay marriages to resume immediately. a gay judge struck down the ban on wednesday. lawyers for the governor and the state attorney general jerry brown filed motions asking that the ruling be implemented. joining me now, defense attorney and former prosecutor karen desoto and former federal prosecutor jay fay. what was the basis on when the judge overturned this law? >> it discriminates against gays, number one. and there was no compelling
10:42 am
state interest in having this law exist. basically, those two grounds. >> so no basis. do you see state interest in this case? >> no. usually the state interest they use is for the purposes of preserving the traditional marriage and for purposes of pro creation. all of which, you know, comes down to are people going to legislate what you do in your bedroom and can two people get married? most americans believe that, hey, you know, if they want to get married, let them get married. if they're not, then it is a form of discrimination. >> you know, the opposite ends of the spectrum represented in the ideology from the christian far right to liberals, i mean it is remarkable which means discussion here. having legally speaking, jay, to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco, is that going to get settled there? do you think this is going to the supreme court? >> i think it's going to the supreme court. no matter what happens to the ninth circuit, the other side will take it to the supreme court. the real question is how quickly it could occur. they could ask for quick relief
10:43 am
because people's rights are being violated. right now can you not, as of today, you cannot get married in california until the judge puts that part of the order into effect. we expect them to make a decision early next week. as to whether the marriages will continue or the stat justitice will continue. >> let's say the judge says all right, we're going to ask the question about the man running for governor and our current governor in california. if he says okay, go ahead and get married, what if the end result means, nope, the supreme court doesn't go along with this. does that mean marriages are newly and void? wh ? >> there is going to be some legislation coming out everywhere. but, yeah, you could go back and overturn all of those marriages. they could say okay, those marriages that were between this period, they're null and void. that could happen. and listen, this is not going away. there's going to be federal cases. there are going to be state cases in every state. this is going to go on for years, go up to the supreme court and then we're going to go
10:44 am
back up to the supreme court. so this is an issue that's here to stay. and, you know, should one person be allowed to get married and one not based on their preference, their sexual preference? that's really what it comes down to. >> religious beliefs aside which we know is a very passionate issue for everyone. so it's not going away. here to stay. >> thank you very much. thank you. midterms months away. it's increasingly clear the issue of jobs will likely dominate the elections. we'll break down the latest troubling numbers and infeeffec the economy. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and with less pain, i can do more of what matters to me. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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keeping you informed. you may have heard that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf. there's less oil coming ashore every day, but we still have thousands of people ready to clean it up if it does. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
10:47 am
funerals for three men killed in tuesday's shooting rampage in connecticut are set for today. friends and family paid respects at wakes for each of the three men yesterday. they were killed when a disgruntled employee at the beer distribution sent wrer they cen.
10:48 am
signs that economy is creeping toward recovery. little encouragement for the millions still looking for work. the private sector did pick up 71,000 jobs. of course, that is good. but even then, 131,000 jobs were still lost overall because many temporary census workers were laid off. so in the end, the unemployment rate is still 9.5%. joining me now, former chief economistist at the u.s. international trade commission, peter marici. good morning. >> good morning. >> private sector is out of jobs. the seventh straight month. but this barely makes a dent in the overall picture. the economy still needs to be growing at a much faster rate. and there are suggestions you put out there, at least a couple hundred thousand jobs a month. what do we do to bridge that gap? >> well, i mean i talked about the trade deficit. we need to do something about that with china. we also could do something about energy rather immediately. we can start building out more domestic oil and gas on shore. and building more fuel efficient cars much more rapidly. initiatives in nuclear energy,
10:49 am
things of this nature would create a lot of jobs in the united states. but also businesses are quite frightened about the regulations yet to be seen. for example, congress won't pass cap and trade. that's clear. so the president's going to do it unilaterally through the epa. that's sending terrible shock waves through a business. a lot of the financial reforms don't affect wall street. they affect farmers in iowa and utilities in nevada, so forth. the consequences are vague. there's a lot of uncertainty. there's real fear in the business community that washington is overreaching with regard to regulation. and barack obama could give positive signals to business. you know, recognize he can't accomplish everything in a first term. >> peter, you're always talking about the trade deficits. how wouldeducing that trade deficit also reduce unemployment? >> okay. every time we spend a dollar abroad, that's not a dollar that can be spent here to make american goods and services.
10:50 am
now that's not bad that we import. as long as that dollar come back to buy an export. the problem is with china, for every $3 that leave, only $1 come back. if we balance trade, then there would be more demand for what we make here and there would be more workers to pay for what we buy from china as opposed to us borrowing money from china. that would create a lot, a lot of manufacturing jobs. and in turn, a lot of support jobs. you know, mafg hnufacturing has highest multiplier effect in the economy. you know, other sectors just don't. >> okay. peter, thank you for the explanation. much appreciated. >> take care. a man's wallet turns up 19 years after being lost at sea. how it was found coming up next. then new drama on "the jersey shore." a new cast member is moving in.
10:51 am
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a father and daughter out on a fishing trip in new jersey made a surprise discovery this week. instead of catching fish, those two reeled in a wallet covered with mud. the wallet contained credit cards and a car key and the father-daughter duo managed to track down the owner. the owner says he lost that wallet while jet skiing, get this, 19 years ago. and get this, move over snooki. the cast of "the jersey shore" roommate moving in. we'll get details now from the entertainment editor for the associated press. >> she is a new jersey native. there won't be too many cat fights because snooki is her friend. >> she wanted to bring in her friend. what wasn't working? >> angelina is right now on the miami season. but she's had a lot of drama
10:55 am
with the cast members. they didn't bring her back. they said, you no he what? she's gone. this new woman deana is in. >> yeah. i'd love to say i know who you're talking about, but i don't. >> what about the controversy involving katie perry's popular "california girls"? >> the beach boys made the first "california girl." so the record company is saying, you know what, her song takes some lines from our song. they didn't credit us. we have a problem. >> but it's not katie perry, it's snoop dog, right? >> but katie perry is not just a singer. she writes the lyrics and is extremely talented. somebody's in trouble for -- they just filed a claim. i think they just want some credit here. >> okay. what about julia roberts? she's had, as a result of making eat, pray love this life altering experience. sbl s . >> she is a practicing hindu.
10:56 am
she takes her children with her and her husband. she wants to talk about ow it affected her life. >> did she come from a traditional kind of american religious upbringing? >> yes. she is a southern girl. this is a departure from how she was raised. >> looks like the indian experience made a turn. good to see you. is he the new face of al qaeda? growing concerns about national security with word that a one-time american resident has now taken over global operations.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
murder on a mission of mercy. americans killed in cold blood in one of the world's most dangerous places. we have a live report coming up. plus, he promised to get


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